Monday, June 22, 2009

Sleep, Go To Sleep

I promised myself that tonight I would get to bed at a reasonable time. Of course, compared to how I've been doing, a reasonable time might mean 3 in the morning.
Who knows. (Google knows.)

10 thoughts I had today in chronological order:
1. Did my mom really just bring me fish wrapped in bacon?
2. Yes, she did.
3. El Rincon's bean and cheese burrito reminds me of Sunshine.
4. My aunt Monique resembles the stray cat she hangs out with on the front porch.
5. Its difficult to make Lauren Tucker a mix CD.
6. Life is less joyful when you run out of toothpaste.
7. Am I still funny?
8. Why can't I go on living life happily even without eyeliner?
9. When everything else seems a little shabby, a cool summer night in the valley stands tall and proud.
10. Can I kill that cockroach with this hairspray?

P.S. that didn't work.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Who Wants Ambien?

I can't sleep. I guess I'm on some sort of train of thought and I am nowhere near my destination, therefore, I cannot get off. So what do I do? Well, I get up, turn my lamp on and awaken my computer. Starting with signing on to the internet, I find my new favorite blog, get to the page I'm on, put some Bat For Lashes (pictured above) on my iTunes, and read where I left off. What will I do when I'm finished reading his blog? Let's hope another blog finds its way to me so I can keep learning and pushing forward in my quest for finding interesting people out there in the world. I think knowing them even in this small way makes me cooler. A little bit?

So, in reading my friend's blog, I stumbled upon this. God. Is. Amazing.
He titled it "This Is The First Day of My Life" and uploaded this picture:

The Physiology of Human Development

Conception: Father’s sperm penetrates mother’s egg cell. Genetic instructions from both parents interact the being a new and uniqe individual who is no bigger than a grain of sugar.

Day 1: The first cell divides into two, the two into four, and so on.

Day 5-9: The new individual implants in the mother’s womb. The baby’s sex can already be determined.

Day 14: Mother’s normal menstrual period is suppressed by a hormone produced by her child.

Day 18: The heart is forming. Soon the eyes start to develop.

Day 20: The beginnings of the brain, spinal cord, and nervous system are laid.

Day 24: The heart begins to beat.

Day 28: Muscles are developing along the future spine.

Day 30: The child in utero has grown 10,000 times to 6-7mm (1/4 inch) long. The brain has human proportions. Blood flows in the veins and is separate from the mother’s blood supply.

Day 35: The pituitary gland in the brain is forming. Mouth, ears and nose are taking shape.

Day 40: The heart’s energy output is 20 percent of the adult output.

Day 42: The skeleton is formed. The brain coordinates movement of the muscles and organs. Reflex responses have begun. The penis has begun to form in male infants. The mother misses her second period.

Day 43 (1 1/2 months): Brain waves can be recorded.

Day 45: Spontaneous movements have begun, and the teeth are developing.

7 Weeks: Lips are sensitive to touch, and the ears may already be taking the family shape.

8 Weeks: The child is well-proportioned, a small-scale baby: 3cm (1 1/8 inches) sitting up, and a gram (1/30 oz) in weight. Every organ is present. The heart beats sturdily; the stomach produces digestive juices; the liver makes blood cells; the kidneys begin to function; the taste buds are forming.

8 1/2 Weeks: Fingerprints are being engraved. They will grow larger, but they are unique and will never change. The eyelids and palms of the hands are sensitive to touch.

9 Weeks: The child will bend fingers around an object placed in the palm. Thumb-sucking begins. Fingernails are forming.

10 Weeks: The body is sensitive to touch. The child squints, swallows, furrows his or her brow, and frowns.

11 Weeks: The baby urinates and makes complex facial expressions, even smiling.

12 Weeks: The baby is capable of vigorous activity. He or she can kick, turn feet, curl and fan toes, make a fist, move thumbs, bend wrists, turn the head, open the mouth, and press the lips tightly together. Breathing has begun.

13 Weeks (End of the First Trimester): The baby is prettier, and the facial expression resembles the parents’. Movements are graceful, reflexes vigorous. The vocal cords are formed, although without air the baby cannot cry. The sex organs are apparent.

4 Months: The baby can grasp with his or her hands, swim, and turn somersaults.

4-5 Months: The mother first feels the baby move.

5 Months: Sleeping habits are noticeable. A slammed door will result in activity. The child responds to sounds in frequencies too high of low for adults to hear.

6 Months (End of the Second Trimester): Fine hair grows on the eyebrows and head. Eyelash fringe appears. The baby’s weight is about 640 g (1 lb, 6oz), and height is 23 cm (9 inches). Babies born at this age have survived.

7 Months: Eyeteeth are present. Eyelids open and close. Eyes look around. Hands grip strongly. The mother’s voice is heard and recognized.

8 Months: Weight increases by 1 kg (over 2 lbs), and the baby’s quarters get very cramped.

9 Months: The child triggers labor, and birth occurs, usually 255-275 days after conception. Of the 45 generations of cell divisions before adulthood, 41 have taken place. Four more will come during the rest of childhood and adolescence.

From Ethics for a Brave New World by Feinberg & Feinberg

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Near Future.

This is the first all-nighter of many this summer. Why I haven't been able to successfully make myself stay up all night yet in the month and some odd that I've been home is beyond me. (beyond everything.)
My ears are ringing with the sounds of everything sparkly, heavy, and melodic. Seriously, I think the combination of Adrian Martinez (well, by help of his blog) and 4AM is the secret to finding the best tunes in this world or the next and one after. I am in a jam band daze. And I've noticed that I'm slowly moving away from slower, more harmonized music like Fleet Foxes and Andrew Bird and turning towards the loud and delightful, feet-stomping music like The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, the Plasticines, the Sounds, and Razorlight. These and many more are just blowing my mind right now. Consider your(future)self educated about these and more; a playlist is coming soon.

Here I am, Brooklyn Wagner, and I've come to do what I do. Make a list.

"Things I am going to do in the near future."
1. Get second piercings in my ears.
2. Have a mother F&$*%7#@ tea party!
3. Not curse.
4. Learn how to make my grandmother's lasagna.
5. See the movie Harold and Maude.
6. Take my driver's test
7. See Away We Go <3
8. Buy me a pair of Skullcandy headphones.
9. Get some fabric (sewing adventures!)
10. Go to salvation mountain with courtney and WHOEVER else wants to come.
11. And, of course, pay a visit to Pondo. :)

I'm gonna work hard to make all these (and more) happen. Check ya's later, sugar tits.

It Makes Me Want To Dance

You'll see.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Guffaws and Winnie the Pooh laughs.

(A very early morning conversation between Adam and I only a few minutes ago.)


adamp1989: O_O_O


adamp1989: dont die

adamp1989: hahahahah

lightsandtrees: haha okay well apparently.

the lights. in the bathroom. have been changed.

lightsandtrees: hahaha

adamp1989: ???

adamp1989: is that....code?

adamp1989: the rug in the bedroom has been beaten clean?

And yes, that is me above. Actually lol-ing from this.

An abundance of things!

(found this one today at Go if you know what's good for you. Google does.)

Okay, so seriously there is so much I could blog about right now.

I could list those things. But then. Well. I don't want to because it would ruin the surprise! Because I know all of you open my page and are like OH LORD WHAT! STOP THE GRAVY TRAIN, THIS SURPRISE WAS A DOOZY.

Is what you think. And feel. (I have the song "Electric Feel" by MGMT stuck in my head.)

A little fyi about me, I am a list maker. If you didn't know that already. Also, I am very similar to mitchell davis. MMITCHELLDAVISS. If you didn't know that already, too.

This will be one of those blogs where I say nothing in particular about anything, and therein lies the true essence of my thought process. Oh, what do they call it? Well, it's some really smart term. My friend Adam calls it "Verbal Diarrhea" however, I would not say that's what I do exactly. It's a stream of consciousness out loud. It's whats going on inside my head, thought after thought, in order, just eloquently phrased. I think it, I say it. I'm skilled and hardly even sound like a fool anymore. (not.) Its what I do best. (ha.)
(I tried googling it, okay.)

I'm probably going to stay up all night. Again. I do this a lot. But when it has nothing to do with Finalz WeEk, then I'm okay. (I still hate you finals week. But we'll see how things turn out in the fall when I kick your ass-looking face and I shake all your babies.)

(I'm not violent.)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'm a professional, I think.

And this was a while ago, too. I'm at 548 now...

See, Carynn. PROOOOFZ.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Nearly Ideal.

I stole this idea from my friend Rachel. And while I only did a guesstimate to where my ears actually are, I'm pretty sure I got it close to right.

My facial beauty is a 9.34. Apparently, I'm close to the idea of what a woman's face should be like. Riiiiight.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

All the things that make you melt.

(Instax photos taken by Jennie May Lawson, from Jennie and Mark photography. Find more here!

Today feels like a new day. I'm not entirely sure why. This may be due to the fact that I did not sleep a wink last night as I finished editing a 30 minute video for a couple of my friends for their economics class in high school. It took nearly three hours to process. And 15 minutes to burn. -_- Anything to help them graduate. (Sidenote: iMovie, you are a huge B word. HUGE.) Or maybe its because I had a rather large mug of coffee as soon as I woke up from the whole attempt at "catching up on sleep" thing this afternoon. However, as my best friend so wisely says, "There's no such thing as catching up on sleep." Really, there isn't. But there is sleep. Just at a different time. Or for a longer amount of time. Which I definitely accomplished, I think. Maybe the new day feeling is due to those two ibuprofen's my grandmother so graciously offered me today along with the coffee. I do know that this feeling is not because of the atrocious meal of hot cheeto's that I had last night. But I do know that for feeling like a new day, it's rather late in the day to even be saying this. Maybe tomorrow can be a new day, too.

Also, I'm thinking about breaking the house phone. I don't know who you are person calling from the ACLU and whoever it is trying to sell us insurance. Stop calling. We don't like you.

Monday, June 1, 2009

If I Could Say The F Word.

I totally would right now. Well, I mean I CAN say it, but I shouldn't.
Why does such a fun word that seems to just roll off the tongue and express the emotion so clearly, have to be so bad.

Don't worry. I know. I won't say it. It's bad.
This picture made my night. Perhaps even my tomorrow. I found it whiles reading through the archives of the ever spirited Katy Perry. Go! Read! Here!
I never really thought I'd ever be a fan of Kitty. Not ever. But, I kind of like how she thinks. I feel like we'd have really good conversations. Also, I wish I was brave enough to have the style that she decides to have. Its insane and silly and incredible. That's what I think anyway.

Tonight, I downloaded some music. Its new, its good, go get it.
- The Asteroids Galaxy Tour and their EP "Around The Bend" (I actually heard about this from Katy Perry's blogstylings.)
- "Nighty Night (Strings Mix)" by Jenny Owen Youngs (Get "Led To The Sea" while you're at it.)
- "Turn to Stone" by Ingrid Michaelson (This is actually from the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. Which just so happens to be the only episode I saw. Thank you murrbee.)
- "1234 (Van She Remix)" by Feist (I know this song is rather old, but you have to admit, a good remix can spice any ol' song up. Especially a Feist song.)
- "While We Go Dancing" by White Rabbits (yeah, you'll wish you were somewhere dancing to this.)
- "Come As You Were" by The Bird and the Bee
- "Toy Baby Grand" by Boy In Static
- "Harold T. Wilkins" by Fanfarlo (I like this name. I must meet someone named this.)
- "I Lust U" by Neon Neon (This is so. Just. Neon.)

Okay, you have your orders. Now go, dudes and gentleladies.